Hands Up If You Want 56 FREE Macrame Patterns 

- Then Be Taught How To Become A Macrame Expert!

From: Emma Ripley

Dear Friend,

How often have you searched the web for good macrame patterns, but have been disappointed each time?  You may be a beginner who’s looking for a decent site where you can learn & master macrame pattern making or maybe you’re a expert who’s looking for their next advanced project – whether it’s producing macrame knots, macrame plant hangers, how to make a macrame bracelet or something more complex!


Let me introduce you to the most revolutionary macrame guide you’ll ever encounter!  Lay back and relax and let me show you – right from step 1 – how produce macrame knots, macrame plant hangers with the greatest of ease - and where you can get the best macrame supplies!

Need some ideas?

I’ll show you bit by bit 56 various macrame patterns from macrame knots, macrame plant hangers, hammocks, dresses, bracelets & cushion covers, plus lots and lots more.

Are you searching for easy to make macrame knots?  Maybe you also want a source of good quality macrame supplies?  In which case, look no further than this resource!

Macrame Secrets revealed is a unique e-book which literally covers page to page everything you ever needed to know about macrame making.  Even experts haven’t come across all macrame knots that this amazing book reveals!

Tips, tips and more tips

As I approach my 56th birthday, I have had the pleasure of meeting macrame enthusiasts from all over the world.  I have learned a great deal from them and I hope they have learned something from me as well!  I have taken the sum of their knowledge and combined them in this resource.  Now I want to share this information with you!

 I, like many folk I know, have been disappointed with finding only scraps of information on macrame making on the web.  I longed for a all-in-one medium which would answer ALL the macrame questions I ever had.  If you give this a go, no longer will you too have to trawl through the internet searching some pieces of information on how to master macrame knots, macrame plant hangers etc, which may ultimately lead to disappointment!

You Are Only Moments Away From Discovering the Amazing Potential of Creating 56 Macrame Knots

I’m sure that you’ll concur that it’s important to find quality macrame supplies from a retailer who can satisfy your needs satisfactorily without ripping you off!  You don’t need to follow my recommendation though; there are thousands of macrame lovers who have contributed to this e-book who agree with me as well!  Thanks to the internet, I have been swamped with emails from macrame lovers all over the world who have supplied useful information on good macrame suppliers – and which macrame suppliers to avoid!

I’m also going to advise you on what type of material to use (i.e. yarn, beads etc)

Easy to follow diagrams

Macrame Knots

How about a precise diagram that not only shows you how to create macrame knots but also how to back-track incase you make an error.

Not many people know this, but there is a simple, yet effective way to rectify mistake you may make with your macrame knots.  I’ll share this cool ‘guaranteed to work’ technique with you.  Just this piece of knowledge alone is worth its weight in gold!  As well as this, I’ll also show you how you can profit from your macrame products - whether it's simple macrame knots, macrame plant hangers or even macrame hammocks!

In short, no matter what stage you're at Macrame Secrets Revealed is what you've been looking for.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an experienced macrame enthusiast – Macrame Secrets Revealed will be like a godsend to you!

This is what this amazing e-book is designed to do – help you achieve your macrame goal.

I can promise you as well, this is NOT like any macrame book you’ve ever read!

How come?

Well, this e-book was designed based on questions that thousands of macrame lovers asked me.  Therefore, it was created with the average macrame enthusiast in mind.  I basically conducted an online survey asking specific questions and I received an avalanche of responses which were used to create this e-book.

All those answers are here in this e-book!

This means that unlike most macrame books, all the irrelevance and useless information has been taken out and 100% focused on the most pressing questions that thousands of macrame lovers had.  Questions like "How do I avoid tricky mistakes when making macrame knots?", "How do I ensure my macrame plant hangers look professional?", "Where can I find the best macrame supplies from stores that won't rip me off"  etc etc.

Let me give you an example as to what you can expect from “Macrame Secrets Revealed”.


  REVEALED!  How simple it is to get started!  With Macrame Secrets Revealed, you'll be producing macrame knots within minutes.  There is no frustrating steep learning curve here!

  Master various macrame knots!  There is such a variety that many seasoned macrame experts will not have seen these!

  Loads of Pictures! as well as detailed instructions.  Pictures are easier to comprehend than just plain words, so a combination of pictures and words are used to ensure that you fully understand how each pattern is made!

  Huge Savings!  Find out to make complex products within minutes.  I'm talking about handbags, macrame plants hangers, beach bags, shopping bags.  Imagine the money you can save when you can create your own cool items!

  Once you have finished producing your macrame product, find out how you can preserve it so that it lasts through the ages!  Its the little things that make all the difference!

  I will show you macrame patterns that can be created into jewellery (i.e. necklaces, bracelets or earrings etc). 

  As mentioned, this book is also perfect if you're a beginner.  Step by step instructions means you'll be in no doubt as to how to proceed!

  I have spend 40 years collecting the tips & techniques that will take your macrame making to a whole new level!  No other book like this exists!  What's more the tips & techniques have all bee collected from macrame experts & enthusiasts!

  Find out how you can profit from you macrame creations and how to turn in a tidy profit.  I'll show you where to go and how to do this!

  3 cool techniques for keeping your macrame patterns the same tightness.

  Find out the correct and easy way to discover what length of cord to cut!

  What's more!  Discover how to start your macrame adventure without spending a single dim!


Macrame Secrets Revealed was forged out of 40 years of love & dedication to this exciting hobby.

If you have 40 years to wait for this once in a lifetime guide, then how does 40 seconds sound?  That’s right!  40 seconds to get your hands on the best piece of investment you’ll ever make!


Sound good?



  A simple yet effective way to hold you macrame piece in place.  Very useful if you don't have a macrame board.  With this technique, you'll be able to practice your talent anywhere!

  There are plethora of items you can create, macrame plant hangers, hammocks, rugs, chairs etc.  Even accessories for your rucksack, maybe?  This e-book will keep your enthusiasm for this craft going for ever more!

  Find out the best materials to use depending on what you are working on.  (Yes, it makes a difference!)

  This is a great resource for the best macrame supplies - whether its online or actual store.  You will no longer be frustrated at getting your materials from places that do not stock quality material or over-charge!

  Follow 7 easy steps to creating amazing & professional looking macrame knots that you could sell for money!

  No longer do you have to be worried about imperfect creations.  This guide will reveal how you can align your creations so that they look amazing!

  Taking Macrame Knots to a Whole New Level - I'll show you how you can create creative knots you never though was possible and which knots are right for which projects.

  The problem with many macrame instruction guides, is that the creator assumes you know even the smallest details.  As a result, you can potentially make mistakes along the way!  This book will take small steps to ensure you fully understand what needs to be done.

  I'll introduce Cavandoli Macrame - all the way from Italy!  Discover what happens when you interweave 2 distinct colours together!

  I'll show you so many different macrame knots that you have knots on the brain by the time you're finished!  Even your friends will think you're nuts...sorry, I mean knots! :)

  How about owning the trendiest cat on the block?  Create macrame cat collars.  Your cat will love you for it!

  Find out how you can enhance your old macrame projects by adding small touches of contemporary design to your exisitng patterns.

  Find out about the easiest way to add on cords.


 When I say this is the complete macrame guide - i mean it!  Find out the best places to go to for supplies (i.e. websites, directories and various links).  Also find out how to get in touch with fellow macrame enthusiast for advice, opinions, ideas or just to chat!


The above is just a small taster of the amazing facts you'll find in "Macrame Secrets Revealed".  Own this e-book now and you'll unlock the secrets of Macrame that you never thought possible!

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(All you need is a credit card or PayPal account, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it's totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

What's a resource like this worth?

I can tell you it cost me just under $800 to get this e-book made up.  That includes laser guided useful facts that can used to specifically create amazing and professional looking macrame products!

You won't find any jargon here!  Everything is properly explained to you to avoid any confusion and its laid out in a sensible manner to ensure you learn things in the quickest way.

After much thought, i decided to offer Macrame Secrets Revealed for the amazing rock bottom price of just $37.  That's just $37 for over a 100 pages of packed information and illustrations, PLUS FREE PATTERNS as well!

Ask yourself this question.  What's more valuable to you?  Spending hours, even days, going through the internet & magazines finding patterns and information, only to be ultimately disappointed because you didn't find what you were exactly looking for?  OR.. paying a one-off fee of just $37 for an encyclopaedia of macrame information which will not only save you all that time, but will also tell you exactly what you need to know! PLUS, you get 56 FREE patterns to start you off.

You're probably wondering why so cheap?  How can i afford to do this when it cost me $800 to create?  Well, that's because my cost of delivering to you this e-book is low.  I save huge money creating a digital book like this rather than creating a hard copy of the book and posting this to all those who want a copy.

So, if I offered this e-book in a convenient, easy to access and read e-book and enough people buy it, then I'll make my money back over a period of time. (which I'm confident of as I've already received positive feedback from you lovely people!)

  Please note that this low price of 37 will not remain at this level forever!  I plan on increasing the price soon to $49.99 once I've received enough testimonials.  Please don't think I'm just saying this to put pressure on people to buy.  That's not my intention!  I just don't want you folks to get a shock when you come back later and find that the price has gone up.

...but wait!  That's not all.  See below for more info!.


 Click Here to Order Securely with Credit Card or PayPal Through Click Bank

(All you need is a credit card or PayPal account, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it's totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

$37 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you learn with these secrets. The patterns alone, are worth even more - see below for you FREE bonuses.

And don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.





Look, you're my customer. And if you're not pleased, it reflects badly on me. So if you're not satisfied with "Macrame Secrets Revealed" I don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money. Just simply send an email to me and I'll happily refund your money in full (i wouldn't feel honest keeping your money if you weren't happy anyway!).

Even if you do ask for a refund, the book will be yours to keep - no matter what!


Okay? So its a win-win situation for you! The book's yours no matter what.

Buy Macrame Secrets Revealed

Does the above offer sound fair to you? 

If it's one thing I'm known for is my over-generosity!  That's why I'm also going to throw in some additional bonuses for you to make the low price of $37 even more palatable!

If you purchase a copy of Macrame Secrets Revealed today, I'll add the following:


Macrame Knots

FREE BONUS #1: MACRAME PATTERNS: Make your own macrame masterpieces straight away  Yours FREE

Over 56 patterns with easy to understand step by step instructions:

Pattern heaven!!! Included in these 56 patterns are a mix of classic & contemporary patterns that'll keep you entertained for ages!  All come with easy to understand instructions.

  • Hammocks

  • Macrame Belts

  • Bracelets

  • Macrame Plant Hangers

  • Flags

  • Wall hangings

  • Jewellery

  • Garden chairs

  • Key chain

  • Necklace

  • Place mats

  • Flower pot decoration

...and many more


FREE BONUS #2: MACRAME NEWSLETTER:  All the latest update on patterns, tips & techniques to keep you well informed.  Yours FREE


You'll automatically receive:


  • Answers to the most asked questions regarding macrame product making (anything from simple macrame knots to advanced creations).

  • Cool hints & tips on how you can profit from your macrame masterpieces.



You'll discover:

  • How to create your own jewellery

  • How beading can be used for your pleasure and also to make a profit.

  • Making hemp jewelry

  • Unravel the secrets of Celtic jewellery

  • Bracelet bead pattern - pearls and sea foam seed beads

  • How to make cool Christmas ornaments for friends, families or even just for yourself.

  • Making memory wire jewelry

  • How to increase the beauty of your bedroom.

FREE BONUS #4: PREMIER UPDATES: Continuous improvements and updates to "Macrame Secrets Revealed"  Yours FREE

  • When you buy an ordinary book, you may miss out on updates or the latest patterns.  With this e-book, you be informed about the latest releases straight away

  • That's right.  Whenever there is a pattern update or new information released, you will automatically be informed by email.

This really is a great offer.  Just think!  As many macrame lovers from across the world send in new patterns & updates, you'll be automatically updated with this information!


FREE BONUS #5: PROFITABLE CRAFTS VOLUME 1: Refine your skills to ensure your crafts sales increase Yours FREE

Quickly learn how to:

  • Find out how to turbo-charge your sales figures!

  • Find out the right price for your product to ensure you return a profit.

  • Cool tips on how to save money on macrame supplies without compromising the quality of your product!
  • Discover the key to creating hungry customers
  • Find out about the 2 types of shoppers that other craft business neglect and how you can cater for their needs
  • How to make shoppers see your products as being top quality and find out why lowering prices can decrease the quality in the customers eyes
  • How to create life-long returning customers from 2 main types of customer groups and why you shouldn't waste time on the 3rd type of customer group!
  • Make small, trivial products and discover how these can sell quickly make the difference to your profits!
  • Avoid becoming a 'fake' crafter!
  • How to make personalised clothing labels that mark the products as your own!
  • Increase profits 3 fold just by employing this one technique!

FREE BONUS #6: PROFITABLE CRAFTS VOLUME 2: It's so easy to sell your craft work that a child could do it!  Yours FREE

Quickly learn how to:

  • Approaching retailers and how to get them to stock your products
  • Protect yourself by setting up the right kind of sales agreement
  • Don't work hard!  How to make the products sell themselves!
  • Sell your products even if you have no inventory
  • Find out how yards could make a difference to fast or slow sales in a particular store.
  • Find out which items may be more suitable for a particular store based on location
  • How to protect yourself from getting overcharged by store owners
  • How to copyright your own product so it's not copied illegally
  • How to approach magazine editors to ensure your products are properly illustrated to increase sales.
  • Find the right etiquette to use when submitting designs to editors and how to avoid embarrassment!
  • How to publish designs professionally yourself - just by using your home computer.
  • The sure-fire way to ensure that your designs will sell and make you money before you've made it, so that you don't waste time on creations that don't sell!

FREE BONUS #7: PROFITABLE CRAFTS VOLUME 3: How to design and present your own patterns in a professional manner! Yours FREE

Quickly learn how to:

  • Create beautiful products using nothing more than common household items.

  • Make clothing for dolls that fit great!

  • How to be resourceful and use natural surroundings to create great designs & save money on macrame supplies.

  • Using everyday items around the house to enhance your design talent!

  • Design in crochet simply & effectively using some basic techniques

  • How to create a dollhouse using sticks and cardboard.

FREE BONUS #8: PROFITABLE CRAFTS VOLUME 4: How to make other sales people work for you!  Yours FREE

Discover all of these amazing skills and more:

  • How to avoid the most obvious pitfall when designing your own catalogs.  Find out what this is!

  • The best, most efficient way to present your catalogs so that you maximise its effectiveness.

  • Find out why setting up a brochure may be your best option.

  • Avoid mistakes in shipping that can potentially cause your profit and sales to drop dramatically!

  • Revealed!  2 simple and affordable software packages that can make creating your catalog easy and professional!   

  • Learn cool trick that will generate a steady stream of new customers that you'll be able to send your catalog to. Save your money from having expensive customer databases.

  • Find out how 1 catalog can be as good as 20 catalogs - but still maintain the same generate the same number of sales!  You'll save on paper and printing costs!

  • Discover how you can expand your empire by recruiting a team of eager, ready-to-sell salespeople who, in turn, will recruit other people!

  • Find out what type of kit to give to your sales team that'll maximise their effectiveness!

  • The key to hosting and presentation and how passing this technique to your sales team will increase sales

  • Find out how you can combine the coordination of your sales team with the internet to help you establish a sales network across the nation!

Are we tempted yet? ;)  That's 8 FREE bonuses which I'm happy to include for you - absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

Each bonus is worth it's weight in gold - but for you, it's free of charge!

And hey, don't take my word for it on how great this package is. Listen to what people just like you have to say about it:

The last thing I want you do, is just take my word for it!  I would listen to what some of my established customers have had to say first!  Check these out:

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Disclaimer:  Please note that the above is NOT an actual satisfied customer BUT an actor PORTRAYING that satisfied customer.  All facts stated in the testimonial are true but are expressed by an actor as opposed to the real customer themselves.


Thank you ever so much for the ebook on Macrame Secrets Revealed.....I found it to be very interesting and informative.  You covered all of the basic macrame information, including all the macrame knots and how to tie them. What I liked most was your writing style which was easy to follow. My eye sight is noit as good as it used to be, so I found the drawings for the patterns invaluable. In my humble opinion the book is well written and informative and very well thought out.  As a beginner macrame enthusiast it gives all the basic information that would be needed to start a macrame venture. I promise to send you my photos of my first project (a wall hanging for my daughtere)

Claire Charter, Georgia, USA


Hi Emma,
Your book is a credit to you I have not had a chance to read it thoroughly yet but what I have read is great you have written it in a style that every one can understand the design are great especially for some one starting off.
Macrame Secrets Revealed is great as you can search for what you are looking for by letter you do not have to read each chapter to find the answer you are looking for. I am looking forward to going through each chapter and doing what is listed there step by step.
I do a lot of crafts and some of the designs you have chosen will look great in our new home (especially the macrame plant hangers!)
I am particularly looking forward to using the Cavanoli macrame to try new styles.
Best wishes for your future success.

Sue Keane, Limerick, Eire


Hi Emma
It is I who should thank you. You have no idea how long I have been trying to find a decent book to start macrame.

I had such a hard time finding a book to get me started never mind the tools. Even the really big hobby stores here had nothing to do with macrame or macrame supplies. The library had very little on the subject.

Eventually I found a small shop in a village in the country that had the materials and a macrame board that got me started as there were instructions with the kit to get me on my way. But as you can imagine it was very limited.

Discovering you web site and the book to down load was all my Christmases rolled into one. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is a fabulous book, very informative and easy to follow. I cant wait to try the garden chairs and the hammock.

Will let you know how I proceed. I am also referring your site to a friend of mine who is intrigued with macrame as well.

Once again thank you,


Valerie Hurd, Perth, Australia

The proof is above for you to look at.  The above people were very satisfied with this product - just as you will be, I'm sure!

If you're a macrame lover, can you afford to leave this page empty-handed?

For just $37, you're getting all the answers you'll ever need for your macrame needs!  The e-book is easy to locate, it takes seconds to download.  Which means that you'll be enjoying all the secrets of this great book in no time!  You certainly won't find this resource anywhere else!

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Wishing you all the best with your macrame.


Emma Ripley

P.S. Remember the total value of the bonuses alone is over $200.  Plus, there has never been an e-book like Macrame Secrets Revealed - and there probably will never be anything like it!  The low price of $37 is only temporary.  Can you afford to pass up this one time offer!


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